Help Your Sitter

  • ​Have plenty of food and medications on hand.

  • Purchase extra kitty litter.

  • Put all pet supplies out in one area in plain sight. Leashes, bowls, treats, foods, medications, litter, cleaning supplies- broom, dustpan, vacuum, paper towels, carpet cleaner, plastic bags, watering cans, extra bedding, towels to wipe wet paws, etc.

  • Clearly label medication instructions and schedule.

  • Leave a well worn T-shirt with your comforting scent.

  • Schedule interview at medication time if possible, so that the sitter can witness your routine.

  • In multi-pet households, photos of each pet labeled with names placed in a file folder with medical records.

  • Tell the truth- don't hedge about aggression or biting history. Forewarned is forearmed.

  • Update emergency information and any changes in pet routine.

  • Make sure all animals' collars have current tags.

  • Have all emergency numbers (the way to reach you or a trusted friend in case of emergency, and your vet's number) written on a single sheet of paper in plain view.

  • Call your pet sitter as soon as you get back home. This way your sitter knows that you are safe and your pets are being taken care of by you.

  • Be sure your instructions are clear and comprehensive.

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